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Carpet flooring cleaned is better when moving in, or after move-out

By far, the best time to get your carpet flooring cleaned is either prior to moving in, or after move-out. The steam cleaning process is much more effective without having to work around heavy furniture. In most situations, it is impractical and more expensive to move heavy furniture. As a general rule - anything over 50 lbs. becomes more burdensome - although we prefer to use furniture moving sliding plates, which facilitate this step.

Rendering Carpet Quality Service

Because of the repetitive nature of janitorial works, most companies that provide cleaning services can do the job in almost a similar manner. Cleaning companies therefore focus on the quality of their service instead of thinking of just getting the job done.

Ways to Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

The notion of cleaning the carpet might seem quite frustrating to a homeowner. Particularly if they believe they cannot find a very good treatment for their carpet cleaning problems. If you are a homeowner, don’t worry. With the many techniques available today, you can truly find a solution that suits your needs. One of the most typical problems regarding cleaning carpet can be the odor. Bear in mind that before you take care of the odor you have to first remove the elements that create the odor.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

This time, we are going to give you some useful and easy tips about carpet cleaning:

Stains: Never rub a stain, just blot. Because rubbing can damage your carpet, and if the issue is a food stain, please, do it with shaving cream.

Red wine stains: You can remove them with a 30/70 solution of peroxide (bleach) to water, apply it, and please, wait  30 minutes.  If the stain remains, add a bit more peroxide to the mixture and try again.

Stain Solutions for Carpets

Detergent solution:

Detergents act in the wet part of the stain,  lubricating it and allowing to remove of moisture. It is recommended to use detergents that once diluted, become neutral, or those who are specially made for carpets.

General Recommendations for your Carpet

If the substance that caused the stain is solid, remove the excess surface with a spoon or a spatula, if liquid, remove excess with sufficient absorbing cotton, sponge, or cloth towel. Make sure to test the spotting solution you're going to use. Choose an inconspicuous area of carpet (under a cabinet in a corner, etc..). To remove the stain only use absorbent materials that do not run in the wash or fade (white cotton cloth, towel, sponge, etc.).


The carpets, the quality of its fibers, resist to different types of stains within acceptable ranges. But remember that no

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  • Basic Carpet Maintenance

    Raise Garbage

    Collect those items and objects that do not adhere to the carpet (pieces of paper or food, cigarette butts, wire, etc..) should be done daily.

    What to do to make your carpet cleaning last?

    Many people complain that the carpet cleaning lasts short time.
    What are the reasons ? We can conclude that there are two main reasons:

        1. The erosion caused by the rubbing
        2. An appropriate or inappropiate cleaning system

    1. The erosion caused by the rubbing

    New carpet fiber

    When your carpet is first installed, the fiber is clean and free of scratches and stains. This allows light to reflect the power and evenly. The colors are vivid and intense. You are enjoying the appearance of your carpet.

    Carpet Control According to the Contamination Degree

    The control of the carpet, according to the degree of pollution; involves a visual assessment of the state to keep the different areas carpeted. Heavy traffic, poor maintenance, contact with pets, excessive dust, air pollution, smog, etc., contribute to dirty carpets.

    Light Soil:

    The carpet is fairly new and shows little use, the spots are small or subtle, not noticeable lines of traffic or movement compared to different areas, not color changes. Recommended Maintenance:

    -Vacuum regularly, according to the intensity of traffic.
    -Spotting systematically.

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